October Nature Happenings

• Keep your hummingbird feeders filled and clean. Continue enjoying the hummingbirds throughout the winter months. Some of our hummingbird species are non-migratory and will continue using your feeders throughout the winter months.
• Peak of southward migration. Birds heading south include: White-crowned Sparrows, warblers, Black-headed Grosbeaks, Green-tailed Towhees, Song Sparrows and Lincoln and Chipping Sparrows.
• Watch for Sandhill Cranes heading toward the Bosque del Apache in New Mexico where they overwinter.
• Cactus Wrens busy building nesting roosts to cozy up for winter.
• Nectar bats continue emptying hummingbird feeders regularly at night.
• Yellow-rumped and Orange-crowned Warblers are returning as well as Ruby-crowned Kinglets.
• Peak of fall warbler migration
• Harrier, Rough-legged and Feruginous hawks are arriving in the deserts and grasslands.