Look out for your birds by “bird proofing” your windows

Many birds fly into windows because they cannot see the glass. During migration, this can be particularly deadly because birds can hit windows with incredible force. Some birds fly at the window because they see their reflection and think it's another bird invading their territory.

Make your windows safer for the birds—and yourself—by following these suggestions:

  • Locate feeders and birdbaths 30+ feet from your windows. If you want your feeders close to your windows, move them to within 1–3 feet of the window, or put up a window feeder. That way, if birds hit the window when "fleeing a predator," they will not be going fast enough to harm themselves.
  • Where practical, use window screens.
  • Place decals, including cut-outs of raptors, and leaded glass decorations in windows.
  • Put vertical exterior tape strips 10 centimeters apart on windows.
  • Use interior vertical blinds and open the slats halfway.
  • Cover windows with soap if appropriate.
  • Plant shade trees outside windows to reduce the reflection.