Tucson, Arizona

June Nature Happenings

• June is Perennial Garden Month & National Rivers Month

• Watch for all birds feeding their young. Fledglings are seen relentlessly begging for food.

• Young raptors are flying.

• Phainopeplas move from the desert to the coast for a second nesting.

• House Finch young can be seen at feeders. You may need to add millet to your regular mix for June and July.

• Hummingbirds continue to nest.

• Orioles and grosbeaks are fledging their young and coming to feeders.

• Some warblers and other migrating songbirds have left the area.

• Cicadas or "cactus dodgers" emerging. Males are loudly buzzing to attract mates

• Gopher snakes and kingsnakes lay eggs.

• Desert wildflower bloom is over so hummingbird feeders are getting busier.

• Lesser nighthawks are heard at night and seen capturing insects in well-lit areas

• Large, orange and yellow cicada-killer wasps are out capturing and paralyzing cicadas to feed their developing larvae

• Lone Mockingbirds sing, occasionally all night