Tucson, Arizona

Don't Let Buggy Bird Seed Bug You This SummerGrain Moths

During hot weather, it's important to be sure your birdseed is stored at room temperature. Birdseed stored in hot environments, such as garages and outdoor sheds, can quickly become problematic. Grain moths naturally dwell in seed and grain products and heat will accelerate their life cycle. Heat also dries the seed - depleting the oils and nutrients - making your bird food much less appealing to the birds.

Our recommendations:

  • During hot weather, only store as much birdseed as you can use in about 4 weeks
  • Store birdseed at room temperature.
  • Do not go on vacation leaving unused birdseed in the garage or house.
  • If you encounter moth larvae in your birdseed, feed it to the birds - the birds will love you for it!
  • Use no-melt suet products such as suet cakes, cylinders, stackables and bark butter - storage is easy and they are much less prone to insect issues.

Give your birds what they really want and need - fresh, nutritious birdfood.